Adolescent Attitudes Toward Mental Illness

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PSY102 Foundations of Psychology

Assessment 1: Evaluation of Report

(Adolescents’ attitudes towards mental illness; Relationship between components and sex differences)  

Q1 Read Burton page 87/89 and evaluate the introductory paragraph of the article. How does the opening paragraph in Norman and Malla (1983) differ from the guidelines illustrated in Burton? There are distinct differences within the Norman and Malla article with regard to both structure and detail when compared to the guideline illustrated in Burton. According to APA format, the introduction should contain a general overview of the topic being researched. In the Norman and Malla article, the Introduction begins with stating part of the hypothesis, not with a general overview of the topic. Burton states the hypothesis be placed in the final section of the Introduction and also that it should not be numbered. The Norman and Malla article neglects to fulfil either of these requirements. The Introductory paragraph also touches on the research methods (data and participants in the study).

The introduction is an important way of introducing a topic, grabbing people’s attention and clarifying why the study is being completed in the first place. By starting with the hypothesis, Norman and Malla have made it difficult to clarify their reasons for the study and have also missed the opportunity to include the definitions for some key terms used throughout the study. Q2 Do you think the Introduction provides a clear and critical literature review that covers relevant research, which leads logically to the hypotheses b

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