ALS Case Study 337th Munitions Squadron

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ALS Case Study


Synopsis: A1C Hamburg is forced to wake SrA Ratner in order to avoid being late for roll call and it’s the third time in a week SrA Ratner overslept. Ratner references partying and drinking the night before. I: The lesson principle illustrated in this instance is an Emergent Leadership issue, Wingman Concept more specifically. D: A1C Hamburg practiced appropriate use of the wingman concept ensuring SrA Ratner was awake in order to avoid being late for roll call. D: N/A

P: If A1C Hamburg continues his behavior in being a good wingman, it will reflect good upon him but if SrA Ratner continues making a habit of oversleeping, one day Hamburg may not be around to wake him up and SrA Ratner may oversleep again and have to answer for it.


“This is the third time this week you’ve overslept,” Hamburg says. “Sorry Hambone‟ but you know I can’t resist a party, gorgeous women, and free booze,” Ratner says as he clumsily fumbles with his boots.

I: These characteristics refer to someone being an orange in four lenses D: These characteristics are fine but I would say that it’s ineffective. D: These characteristics are ineffective because drinking every night and not getting enough sleep will affect his work performance P: After a while his actions are going to start showing his work performance dropping and he might even not just oversleep but become late for work and someones going to have to pick up his slack.

Synopsis: SrA Ratner seems annoyed by A1C Hamburg’s insistence upon arriving to work on time and makes a snide comment about his duty in the AF bei ...

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