Describe How To Adapt Communication To Meet Different Communication Needs

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It may be necessary to adapt the way you communicate when the person you are communicating with use’s English as a second language, has a Hearing impairment/deaf, Medical problem, disability, Special educational needs, Poor vision or blind. When we are communicating with children and young people with [SEN] it is important to use the following •Speak clearly and appropriately when communicating.

•Slow your speech if necessary.

•Use visual aids such as pictures, photograph or flashcards. •Use a translator if necessary.

•Use sign language.

•Maintain good eye contact and use positive body language. •Use facial expressions and hand gestures.

Someone who is deaf or hard of hearing, Be sure to face the person when speaking, speak slowly or you may need to use sign language if you know how to do it and Avoid using facial expressions e.g., a frown as this could upset them and make them think that something is wrong

Children and young people with autism, they can find it easier to understand the world around them through visual aids. Teachers may use a visual timetable showing times and simple drawings of the activities, so that the child or young person knows exactly what they will be doing and when.

A child or young person how has Poor vision or blindness, you should address the visually impaired child or young person by their name when talking to them, If a child has some useful vision, move them closer to the front of the class so they can see you and the board more clearly, don't be afraid to ask what an object looks like as this will help you to understand how much they c ...

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