Fitbit Marketing Plan

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Marketing Plan

Executive Summary

FitBit is dedicated to helping people live healthier and more active lives. The company aims to create innovative, inspiring products and online services that combine the power of new technologies to make people more aware of their diets, daily activities and motivate them to do more exercises. FitBit is a wireless health and sleep tracker. The company’s goal is to provide a unique product, rich features at a highly competitive price. Target segmentation includes athletes, students, professionals and other groups in Australia. The product will be distributed to most of the electronic specialty stores and online. The tiny device will help people taking advantage of their lives by offering different functions. The primary marketing objective is to increase the brand awareness in the Australian pedometer market and achieve an impressive sales performance.


Executive Summary15

Offer description1

External environment factors analysis2

Macro- environment2



Social changes2


Legal requirements3


Micro environment analysis4

Threat of new competition4

Threat of substitute products or services4

Bargaining power of customers4

Bargaining power of suppliers4

Intensity of competitive rivalry4

Analysis of competition5

SWOT Analysis5

Value Chain Analysis5

Analysis of target market7

Customer’s needs analysis7

Target segmentation9

Perceptual Map of Positioning11

Marketing Objectives12

Marketing Strategies12

Product Strategy12


Pricing Strategy12

Place/ Distribution13

Offer descriptio ...

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