Gordon Biersch Case Study

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Gordon Biersch Case Questions:

1. Identify the key factors responsible for the success of Gordon Biersch to date. What concerns, if any, do you have as the company looks ahead? 2. Evaluate Gordon Biersch's organizational alternatives to realize its growth ambitions. Recommend a course to follow? 3. Evaluate Gordon Biersch's efforts to raise outside capital. What would you have done differently? 4. Which offer, if any, should Gordon Biersch accept? Why? How should they proceed? 5. Assume for discussion purposes that Lorenzo Fertitta's proposal is the preferred option.  What are the key issues for Gordon and Biersch to negotiate? What positions should they take on each one?

Table Of Content:

Case Summary

Critical Issues

Critical Analytic Tools


Answers to Case Questions


Case Summary

The masterminds behind Gordon Biersch were two individuals, Dan Gordon; a qualified brewing engineer from the esteemed University of Munich, Germany, and Dean Biersch; who had a passion for food service and a vast experience in the food and beverage sector. Their unique idea of a microbrewery and fine dining restaurant stemmed from a law amendment of California in 1983 which allowed brewing and serving of beer in the same locale. They envisioned the concept of providing high quality fine dining with outstanding service in an attractive ambiance featuring exceptional German-style lagers in on-site breweries. Their target market was the fairly sophisticated, yet not so young natives of Palo Alto as well as the Stanford University faculty, staff and graduate stude ...

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