Jarrod Case Study

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Assignment 2 – Case Study

1. Explain how the concept of nature versus nurture may assist Jarrod to understand his personal history.

By explaining the nature versus nurture theory to Jarrod I would hope to help him understand on a very basic level that history often repeats itself. I would endeavor to help him realise that his own behaviour throughout his life, is directly linked to the behaviour of his mother and his father. Some theorist believe that who we are, who we become, is predetermined by nature. They believe that we are born this way as it is in our genetic makeup. That it is not only our hair colour or facial features that resemble our parents but also our intellect and personality. If it is all down to nature, Jarrod was predestined to behave without care for consequences and was also predestined to have issues with substance abuse and impulse control. On the other hand, some theorists believe that we are born as a blank slate. They believe that our behaviours are a result of what we have learnt and that overtime, we are so influenced by our environment and the people that we interact with that we begin to repeat the behaviour we have been exposed to, good or bad. Therefore Jarrod is repeating the patterns of his parents, most pointedly, his father. If Jarrod knows anything of his extended family history it may help validate that both nature and nurture contribute to his own parent’s actions and behaviours. For instance, Jarrod’s father had a substance abuse issues, in turn Jarrod also has a substance abuse issues. His father was a violent man, Jarrod also has ...

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