Manifesto For Sports Prefect

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AN ELCTIONEERING CAMPAIGN SPEECH BY DESMOND LARYEAH,AN ASPIRANT FOR THE SPORTS PREFECT POSITION. Mr. Chairman, the executive manager, the supervisor of studies, invited guests, dear parents, members of staff, fellow students ladies and gentlemen: I deem it prudent to stand before you to read my manifesto. The remains Desmond laryeah contesting for the sports prefect position. Mr. Chairman before I advance on the spell out my intentions for the school when I am voted into office as the senior sports prefect, I would like to thank all vocative s for attending to such an august gathering. Firstly, Mr. Chairman, if I am voted into office as the senior sports prefect of Holy trinity Lutheran School, Our current basketball court is not a modern one and aside that, the nets are all torn. If I am voted into office with consultation of the executive manager and his entire members, I will provide the school with a modern basketball court with a lots of balls. Mr. chairman, if anyone doubts me, then that person should vote for me and I will prove my Faithfulness. Secondly, Mr. Chairman, ladies and gentlemen, there is one problem I have noticed since I joined Holy Trinity Lutheran school and that is, the school has never won a trophy regarding to sporting activities. Ladies and gentlemen, not only academic excellence promotes or raises the standard of a school but also, sporting activities. With me as the sports prefect, I will appeal to the school authorities to allow the school participate in sporting activities. This allows students talented with sporting abilities display their tal ...

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A MANIFESTO DELIVERED BY MR.AFFUL CHRISTOPHER ON THE 4TH OF FEBUARY 2013 AT THE SCHOOL ASSEMBLY HALL AS AN ASPIRANT FOR THE POSITION OF COMPOUND PREFECT Mr. Chairman, Honorable Headmaster, Members of Staff, Co-aspirant, Out-going Prefect, Fellow Student, Ladies and Gentlemen. Good day. I am very grateful for being given the chance to read my manifesto to you, as an aspirant for the position of compound prefect. I am Afful Christopher, a second year art student of this great institution. I am before you today, to solicit to your vote for the enviable position of a compound prefect for the 2013/

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