My Vacation To Langkawi Island With My Family

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My vacation to Langkawi Island with my family


On previous holidays, my family and I have been travelling to the island of Langkawi. We were there for 4 days and 3 nights. Before we were on holiday there, my mom and dad were on vacation Kedah first. When they had been there, me and my other family members went to vacation on the island of Langkawi. We arrived in island in the evening. We did not check in the hotel first, but we went to first destinations our is Cable Car. The cable car has three stops destination that we had to through. It’s quite scary when we rode it. We had use the cable car to climbing up and down.

After we went to Cable car, we rested ourselves and pray at hotel. In night, we dinner together at Telaga Seafood Restaurant. This restaurant provide westerns food, Arabian food and Malay food. We ate a lot of food that my parents ordering to us. After we finished our dinner, we take a chance to window shopping and walking at row of shops that have in there. A lot of shops, sell souvenirs, clothes, beg and many things that can we buy to give to other people. But in first day, we just survey and window shopping before we decide to buy it.

In the second day, we breakfast at the hotel and started our journey at Langkawi Island. My brother-in-law had already booking our boat to go around in Langkawi Island. The islands that available in Langkawi island is like “Pulau Kasut”, “Gua Buaya”, Gorilla Island, Lady Island and a lot island that have in there. But in we also went to swimming at Private island. This island can we swimming but have a t ...

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