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UMUC’s new building in Adelphi, MD will have to provide networking connectivity to students, professors, and staff. In order to begin the process of planning the new network, we will begin by planning the network IP addressing scheme. It is very important that the network IP addressing scheme be clearly defined in order for IT administrators to locate computers promptly. Also, in order to make it easier for the administrators, DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol) will be used to assign IP addresses. The organization of the subnet layout will assist the IT administrators as well as making effective use of IP addresses.

In order to differentiate between students, staff, and instructors, we will place them on different subnets. Also, the instructors subnet will begin with a “1” in the third octet, the staff subnet will begin with a “3”, and the students subnet will begin with a “4” or “5” in the third octet of the IP addresses. Lastly, the second digit of the third octet will assign the floor for each subnet. An even number in the second digit will mean that the computer or device on the subnet is located on the first floor and an odd number means that it is located on the second floor. Network IP Addresses

First Floor

Subnet mask: 255. 255. 240. 0

Lecture Instructors

Network address: 10. 110. 16. 0

Subnet and range: 10. 110. 16. 2 – 10. 110. 16. 6

Staff (Library)

Network address: 10. 110. 32. 0

Subnet and range: 10. 110. 32. 2 – 10. 110. 32. 6

Admissions Staff

Subnet and range: 10. 110. 34. 2 – 10. 110. 34. 6

Office Staff (3)

Subnet and range: 10. 110. 36. 2 – 10. 1

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