Paediatric Orthopaedic Clinic At The Childrens Hospital Of Western Ontario

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Group Assignment #2

1) What is the utilization at each step of the process in the clinic?

Front Desk:

a. Registration:

The total availability time = 3*180 = 540 min

The total registration time = 80*5 = 400 min (New patient & Follow-up patient) The utilization of Registration = 400/540 = 74.07%

b. Verification & Hand-off:

Total available time = (4*60 + 15)*3 = 255*3 = 765 min

The number of follow-up patients = 80*60% = 48 people

The number of new patients = 80*40% = 32 people

The total time for follow-up patients = 48*4 + 48*0.85*2 = 273.6 min The total verifiaction time for new patients = 32*(9+2) = 352 min The total verification time = 273.6 + 352 = 625.6 min

The utilization of Verification = 625.6/765 = 81.78%

c. Direct patients / filing / exam room prep

Total available time = 4*60 + 15 = 255 min

The total time for patients = 80*2 = 160 min

The utilization of the 4th nurse = 160/255 = 62.75%

Radiology Department:

a. X-ray imaging:

The total availability time = 2/3*6*240 = 960 min (Two-thirds of the Radiology department’s time is available for the Clinic.) The total X-ray imaging time for patients = (32+48*0.85)*11 = 800.8 min The utilization of X-ray imaging = 800.8/960 = 83.42%

b. Development of X-ray:

The total availablility time = 2/3*6*240 = 960 min

The total development time for patients = 7*(32 + 48*0.85) = 509.6 min The utilization of development of X-ray = 509.6/960 = 53.08% c. Diagnostic reading and comments:

The total available time = 3*2/3*240 = 480 min

The total time for patients = 5*(32 + 48*0.85) = 364 min

The utilization of Diagnostic reading and c ...

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