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Ch 1 Quiz

1. regulation

2. Atom, molecule, organelle, cell, tissue, organ

3. Biosphere

4. Maintain a relat

5. 3

6. plantae

7. protista

8. protist will contain organelles

9. natural selection

10. modern

11. natural

12. artificial

13. theory must be supported by eveidence

14. be falsible

15. is the control group

16. a testable

17. observation

18. bright males

19. a function

20. observation


1. electrons

2. atom

3. A and B

4. electron

5. 2

6. it gains or loses electrons

7. three molecules of carbon dioxide

8. an oxygen atom in a diff molecule

9. shares; electrons

10. it forms hydrogen

11. it can form chemical

12. 7

13. breaking

14. dehydration synthesis

15. sugars

16. create more double

17. amino acids

18. an enzyme

19. nucleotides

20. enzyme

Chapter 3 Quiz

1. prokaryotes are so small.

2. Clarity

3. Robert Hooke.

4. They have no nucleus.

5. Bacteria and archaea

6. A small cell has a larger surface area-to-volume ratio than a large cell. 7. Rough ER

8. produce proteins.

9. Protein

10. Cytoskeleton

11. Cellulose

12. Lipids and proteins

13. Lysosome-digestion

14. Plant

15. Phospholipids

16. Protein modification

17. In fresh water

18. Cell shape

19. stored in food molecules

20. DNA makes RNA makes protein














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