Six Sigma Quality Planning Homework

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Xingdi Xu Six Sigma Quality Planning Hmoework0909

Chapter 1

1. Define satellite-level metrics for a for-profit company, nonprofit organization, school, religious organization, or political organization. Answer: In a for-profit company, satellite-level metrics focus on the financials including key elements such as dividend payment, stock price increase, ROE (return on equity), sales growth, OI (operating income) growth, earning per share, debt service charge, P/E (price to earnings) ratio, economic profit, ROIC (return on invested capital) and people development. Corporate satellite-level metrics is tracked over time and is not bounded by calendar years.

2. Create a strategic plan for improving a set of satellite-level metrics for one of the categories noted in Exercise 1. Answer:

Chapter 2

1. Describe a situation in which you think management, organizations, or 
society is addressing the wrong problem. Answer: I would like to take the Chinese national football team as an example.On June 15 Chinese national team faced humiliating 1:5 loss to Thailand. Though the coach Camacho should take some responsibility, firing him is an excuse to avoid the real problems that have brought endless failures. The national team has had 11 coaches since 1992 including seven foreigners, resulting in an inconsistent style of tactics. From my prospective, there are many reasons that lead to the national team’s problem such as the schools’ training methods, the scarcity of pitches, the state's emphasis on individual over team sport, its ruthless treatment of athletes, the one-child policy, ...

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