Strategic Leadership Program Performance Management

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Topic: Performance Management


Welcome to Module 1 of the Strategic Leadership Program (SLP)! If you have not already done so, read the Program Manual located in the Reference Material Section of the SLP home page. It provides you with important introductory information about the SLP.

Module 1 focuses on performance management, performance measurement, risk management and governance, and financial reporting. Many of these task-related functions assist in a variety of decision-making scenarios. A number of organizational concerns in these topic areas would be centred on the following: 1. Preparing reports on a product or geographic segment to determine where the organization generates cash and profits;

2. Determining the effectiveness of costing systems for their appropriateness for an organization;

3. Introducing the main concepts of strategy to facilitate an understanding of the big picture;

4. Constructing and analyzing a cash flow statement to determine cash needs; 5. Looking at different short-term investment strategies as a means to effectively utilize excess cash;

6. Examining the effectiveness of internal control systems within an organization; 7. Reporting results using GAAP or a disclosed basis of accounting; and 8. Analyzing a company’s various product lines.

Management accountants are often called upon to provide the analysis required for pricing decisions, such as cost-volume-profit, product costing, expected value, break even, contribution margin, and sensitivity analyses. Proper and accurate analysis is critical if management is to make w ...

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