What Factors Would A Therapist Take Into Account When Planning Treatment For A Psychologically Abused Client

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Introduction: I feel that dealing with clients who are the survivors or current victims of abuse is the most intricate and sensitive subject I have studied. Emotional and physical abuse of children and adults can take place at any age, in any country or culture and at any level of society. Forms of abuse are massively varied and can be motivated by many factors including sexual gratification, control, fear or even love.

In addressing this issue I will try to give a definition of what I understand or perceive psychological abuse to be and then highlight as many ideas and ethical considerations as my word count will allow.

As abuse can be something that has the potential to affect an individual throughout their lives, I feel it is a subject that demands consideration, safe and ethical practice and a great deal of self awareness on behalf of the therapist in order to avoid actions that could prove counterproductive, invasive or even damaging (to the therapist’s life as well as the client’s). I feel that helping to facilitate change for a sufferer of abuse is an important role to play in a person’s life and could therefore have the potential to be both very rewarding and also extremely draining for a therapist if the appropriate considerations are not met.

Kieran O’Hagan (2006) describes psychological abuse as; “the sustained, repetitive, inappropriate behaviour that damages or substantially reduces the creative and developmental potential of mental faculties and mental processes. These faculties and processes include: intelligence, memory, recognition, imagination, attenti ...

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