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Press Inquires

Press Inquires is the launching site for the most irreverent and compelling games and advergames available on the Internet. These award-winning games are the creation of Blockdot, a creative and technology firm based in Dallas, Texas. Two of its founders, Michael Bielinski and Dan Ferguson, are considered the forefathers of Advergaming and Viral Marketing, having launched the first popular Advergame on April Fools Day 1998.

Blockdot recently received Brandweek Magazine's Top 10 Marketers of the Next Generation award and has appeared in many publications, including The Dallas Morning News, How Magazine, The Los Angeles Times, The Philadelphia Inquirer, USA Today and The Washington Post.

We encourage all Inquiries.

Company Contact:
Dan Ferguson
Co-Founder and Creative Director

For more info on Advergaming, visit our corporate site